Fisheries and Water

The possibilities for a successful fishing day around Zwolle are endless.

A huge number of different waters

In and around Zwolle there is nearly every type of fishing water that the Netherlands can offer. Rivers, lakes, polders, urban waters – it’s all here and there’s even a lot of big fish hanging around. Big pike, nice asp, huge bream and brilliant carp, you’ll find them in Zwolle. This is such a good fishing location that local fishing guide Ingmar Boersma simply had to make a movie about it, “Visgids Zwolle” (Fishing guide Zwolle). The film is for sale for € 12,50 plus shipping (DVD, 105 minutes, just Dutch language). Trailer of Visgids Zwolle



Robert met een grote roofblei van 76 cm
There are different options to fish with your guide: fishing from the boat or from the shore on predators or coarse fishing. Ingmar knows the best spots and tells you how and where to fish. Pike fishing from the boat on the rivers “Zwarte Water”, “IJssel” or “Vecht”, but also casting in the polders “Salland” or “Mastenbroek”. Coarse fishing during spring in the river “IJssel” or focussing on large ide in the river “Vecht”. These are just a couple of examples of the possibilities in Zwolle.

Predator fishing

Ingmar met een grote snoek van het Zwarte Water
The way of fishing most practiced by Ingmar is fishing for pike. We often do trolling, but casting or dropshot fishing or virtical jigging is a good option. Beside using lures we also fish with baitfish. We do that by slow trolling from the boat or static fishing from the shore. When we fish from the shore, we normally fish in the polders “Salland” and “Mastenbroek”. Streetfishing in the urban water of Zwolle's city centre or the suburbs, especially during the colder time of year is a very good alternative.

Coarse fishing

Ingmar met een joekel van een voorjaars brasem van de IJssel
Coarse fishing is possible with all known techniques, such as feeder fishing, fishing with a pole or match rod. During early spring, focused fishing for big ide on the river “Vecht” is excellent. After that, a bit further on in spring time and in the autumn, we have a lot of success in the rivers “IJssel”, “Vecht” and “Zwarte Water”. During winter we can catch huge numbers of fish in the pretty canals of the city centre. During summer time you can catch fish nearly everywhere around Zwolle.

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